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[BETA 0.18.1][06.09] ICS for Desire[ALL HBOOTS][4.0.4]

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v0.10 /26.05/

Readded a choice for stable kernel (old hwa)

Using the same adrenos as in 0.8 instead of 0.9, (increases bootime, but more stable)

Freed more space for cm7r2 + data++ to ensure no space issues

Gallery and panorama should now work for cm7r2

Some minor fixing with scripts

Slow wifi download is resolved for me at least

Based on a newer evervolv build (thx shaky)

Most of these changes isn't that effectful because camera didn't work out of the box so to get camera working then I had to "sacrifise" some of the new stuff. Nothing major and will give a detailed list later.


In one of the 3 installs I did my market was borked. Rebooted each time I downloaded an app. This was fixed by reflashing (with wipe)
v0.10.1 /28.05/

Fixed an error in build.prop that might have caused problems

Fixed supercharger v6 so it works.

This also stops reboot when installing apps

Updated kernel, a test kernel based on tiamat. Seems BSOD free!
soy nuevo en desire, como hago para meter esta flash, vengo de milestone q era mas sencillo, tengo q hacer s off rootear y todo eso? gracias...
Beta 0.11 (03.06)

lockscreen 'wave' animations will follow re the unlock around (not just go right)

180 degree (upsidedown) rotation support

kernel updated: kgslv3.8, tiny rcu optimizations, autogroup, bfqv3r2, smartassv2, armv7 changes from caf (only stock kernel)

newer adreno libs: in combination with kernel updates should make ui noticeably smoother (same as for tiamat/shaky kernel)

updated cli tools: htop v.9, busybox updated 1.20.1, a2sd cleanup: checkext should work better.

Did fix some errors in updater script

Hopefully fixed "patched" gmaps (give wrong msg in aroma tough, havn't tested it)

Updated gapps

Did a "fix" on shaky's kernel that MIGHT solve BSOD while charging, not during regular use!

And quite a few things more that I forgot to write down before my PC crashed once again
alguien me podria dar una mano?

hago esto:

2. wipe data, cache, dalvik

3. flashea la romd

y me dice e:verificarion failed, vengo de revolution4 nose si tendra q ver, tengo amonra. ya intente cambiando el nombre a update.zip y sigue igual...

Parece un problema del archivo, puede haber habido un error en la descarga. Bajalo nuevamente y proba
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tenes que desactivar la verificacion, en mi caso tengo el recpvery de amon ra y debes ir a others toggle verification signature paso siguiente flashear la rom.
v0.12 /11.06/

Beta 0.12 (11.06)

Not many major changes for us:

probably 200+ new commits here. Vast majority do not concern Desire. but thought it was worth mentioning

bump IMM76L

surfaceflinger hacks: make ui smoother (error in makefile prevented them from being turned on before)

Added Dk_zero's script to stop bsod while charging

Also removed shaky's kernel as that causes the most problems.

Camera seems broken (video only)/ Will try fix it asap
Nueva version con base Linero

Es una version de testeo

v0.13.1 /16.06/

Fixed missing keyboard for data++

v0.13 /15.06/

Based on the linero toolchain (should give better performance, but need testing)

Fixed more space for data++

Added new adhoc (need testing)

Fixed bad wifi from last release

Added some stuff in build.prop (thx dk_zero, mms might work as in his ROM now)

Removed both dhcpd choice from aroma

*This release is mainly for testing out the linero toolchain, that's why it's missing some improvments. I need to know if I should continue on this or if I should go back to google before I use more time fixing camera and usb tether etc.
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v0.15 /03.07/

Made ready for Int2SD is added, diffent a2sd option for those who wonder / not working yet (thx Proz0r)*

Added the build.prop fix for 3g not turning on after wifi

Updated Play Store to the JB version.

Fixed bootanimation

Cleaned up honeycomb lockscreen

Finishing touches to androidan theme

Toolbox and Themes removed from app drawer: Now through settings

Revert some linaro patches to try to fix some bugs

Some requests are also implemented:

Notification toolbox now QwikWidgets with easier widget reordering

Long press back to kill apps

Trackball Alert Patch to custom colors using lihermits app
v0.15.0.1 /04.07/

Fixed installation so amarullz app to sd script works again

Added the quicksearchbox from jellybean
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