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Cómo rootear S6500/S6500D Galaxy Mini 2 (varios métodos)


el Diablo sabe por Diablo, pero más sabe por viejo
Fuente: XDA

Créditos: peter_baz (quien posteó los métodos) y a cada uno de sus autores.

rooting s6500 100% working


1st method

this is a boot.img modified by cdesai and FULL CREDIT goes to him!

if you want to thank someone,its him!i just share his work

to flash :

1 plug in a fully charged s6500D in download mode

2 start up odin

3 rename the cdboot.img to boot.img

4 put the boot.img in a full rom and flash it

link to boot.img

give your feedback here plz

(el método de aquí abajo está aquí también: )

2nd method!noob friendly

full credit goes to mb-14

if you want to thank someone,its him!i just share his work moddified for us

tested by me and works FULLY

recovery is s7500 but who cares??


first download files from here

cwm recovery

doomlord's kit

boot phone in download mode by pressing vol down+home key+power button

open odin3 1.85

click the PDA button on the midle right and then select clockworkmod- that you downloaded

click start.

w8 for it to say pass with green background

now the phone will boot normally

shut it down again and press vol up+down+home+power to go to recovery

it will show gt-s7500 but it doesnt matter!

Now close Odin

when it gives you a menu go to your pc to the rootme.zip that you downloaded

extract everything in desktop

run the runme.bat (my first time failed so repeat)

w8 for it to finish

press the home button (it should be on the first choise of the menu "reboot system" )

you are done!


3rd method-similar to 2nd by bahek332 ,not tested by me

1. open folder "odin", attach phone to pc, enable usb debugging, make screen timeot 10 minutes(that's just to prevent screen switching off, when you run exploit), go to bootloader(volume down+home+power on), turn off all antiviruses! click PDA, select root.tar, click START.

2. phone reboots with firmware from another phone, open "DooMLoRD_v4_ROOT_zergRush_busybox_su", run runme.bat, phone reboots.

3. take off battery, go to bootloader again(volume down+home+power on), run ODIN, click PDA, select S6500DXXLC4, click START. you can flash your region firmware of course. download at sammobile.com

4. well done