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Complete Guide On How To Install ASUS flash Tool

If you are an Asus zenfone user who looking to flash your valuable handset, my suggestion is to pick the recommended flashing tool for the Asus devices. The main function of the Asus flash tool is to flash Asus stock firmware. Hope you are familiar with Android flashing and it is really important to pick the exact tool in order to gain the expected outcome. Hope my guide will helpful for you to gain a clear picture on how to install the Asus flash tool and how to flash stock firmware using it.

Asus flash tool is compatible with the Windows platform. So the tool needs to be downloaded into a Windows PC. Due to various improvements made to the tool by its developers many Asus Zenfone devices had been already added to the compatibility list with the 100 % success rate. Fact that you should keep in your mind is that it only supports RAW ROM packages.

Allow flashing stock firmware- With the downloaded correct firmware you can easily upgrade or downgrade your device.
Backup Apps- Almost all the flashing apps do not support backup apps but fortunately Asus flash tool does a backup and restore apps in a successful manner.
Progress bar feature- using this feature user can see the progress of the program.
Backup System Apps- This tool can be used to back up the system apps. And also it can be restored easily. These files you backup going to save in the .ab format.

How To install Asus Flash Tool
Step 1: As the first step you have download Asus Zenfone USB drivers and need to install them in your Windows PC.
Step 2: Next you have to download
Asus flash tool latest version zip file and need to extract it in order to gain the workable extension.
Step 3: Double-click on the exe file. then click on the next button to continue the process. Navigate to the install option. There you will get a security message which you need to be continued with the OK button.
then you are finished installing the tool in your PC.

Note: Before you enter the flashing process, remember to enable USB debugging of your phone and also you need to boot your mobile into developer mode. watch the video to know how to flash stock firmware using Asus flash tool.

Developer Thanks
it is essential to remind the developer Pawneshwer Gupta who made such an effort to make Asus flash tool a success tool for the better good of all the Asus users.