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CyanogenMod 9 AOKP (4.0.4) BUILD 40 -BETA1- [Bootloader Bloqueado]

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screenshot on second post

now this is aokp ics (build 40) build by pikpok, ported to lww locked bootloader. i've only test this in a brief of time using stock .587 kernel and all seems to be working. just my side project out of boredom 

nothing changed in ui, u still get vanilla aokp looks as if u were flashing original rom by pikpok. so what did i changed then?
- make compatible with locked bootloader.
- updated nova launcher to latest version (2.0.1)
- updated superuser and su binary to latest version (3.1.3)
- framework patched with pdroid and added pdroid as system app.
- framework patched with superchargerv6 so u can use the script.
- added some module like smartassv2 and sio.
- added some tweak script in init.d (the original from AOKP doesn't really work)
- added viper4android fx, removed dspmanager and musicfx.

got any bugs?
sure. as this is build using cm9 source as base it inherit cm9 bugs too. looking into build.prop, rom was compiled somewhere around july last year. so any bugs that cm9 got around that time, this rom got same bugs too. apart from that, some other bugs resulting by porting this to locked bootloader with stock kernel which really is not its original intention is:
- sysinit not launching, so init.d script wont be launched when booting. install smanager and use it to launch those script. be careful with what u flash or script u want to use in this rom. any mistake will make rom boot without bootanimation and lots of fc and lags afterwards.
- wifi not always can be turn on/off from settings/toggle. if this happen ie it stuck at activating, open terminal and do.

and to turn off wifi do

so what doesn't work then ?
nothing i presume. everything works. wifi, bluetooth, camera, video recording, sound etc. and rom is silky smooth 

but like i said earlier i only tested this for short while so expect to see some bugs i missed.

1- lww
2- rooted
3- cwm installed.
4- running stock .587 kernel

1- create backup in case something goes wrong. dont come whining later about how this killed your cat and i'll say i've said so to do backup 
2- full wipe including system in cwm.
3- flash rom.
4- flash gapps.

will this be ported to other mdpi?
probably not, at least not by me. but anyone feels free to port/create patch for other mdpi.

credits also goes to:
- fxp team for the original source based rom they work on.
- original aokp team.
- pikpok and championswimmer for bringing aokp to our xperia.
- atis112 for original code for chrooting into custom/second ramdisk.


Es genial el aporte, pero creo que faltan las gapps, tenes el link a xda?

tambien hay que modificar unas lineas del build.prop para que nos reconozcan el dispositivos diversas apks.

serian estas:


ro.product.model=Live With Walkman



por estas




ro.semc.product.name=Live With Walkman



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