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Download Latest Framaroot APK v1.9.3 To Root Android 4.4+

Perhaps you do not know that none of the Android devices offers what we pay for. Have you ever noticed that your Android device blocks when you try to download a game or an application from another source than the Google Play or have you noticed that your device will prevent you when you try to uninstall that had been installed when the device was purchased? That is why it is said none of the Android devices offers what we pay for. As Android users, if we want to use our devices as we want we have to go through a process named "Rooting" and a rooting tool must be used to do so. Framaroot APK is one of the latest rooting tools which was released by XDA.

Why Is Framaroot APK v1.9.3 Special
  • Framaroot owns a very simple and easy interface which is very helpful for rooting beginners
  • It allows users to root their device in one-click
  • Framaroot APK executes custom scripts in the OS and the scripts can be exploits or tweaks to the current operating system
  • The Framaroot rooting process does not require a computer
  • Unrooting can be done without having screen deaths or RAM issues
Framaroot Compatibility

Framaroot APK is recommended to use on Android 4.4+. But if your device is using a bit older Android version relevant exploits can be found easily and the app works better on the relevant devices. But finding exploits for the latest version of Android is weak and there is a low chance of rooting the device.

How To Install Framaroot APK
  • Download latest Framaroot APK v1.9.3
  • Go to "Settings" of the device and "Enable Unknown Sources"
  • Now, install the Framaroot application
How To Check If The Framaroot APK Is Compatible With Your Device
  • Open Framaroot APK on your device screen and you will see three options named "Root, Execute Scripts and Unroot"
  • Click "Root" option and the Framaroot app will check for potential exploits in your device
  • When the Framaroot completed the scan for exploits, it will show you one of the following messages
  1. Exploit successful - Relevant exploits have been found and Framaroot Apk can root the device
  2. Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit - Framaroot is unable to find an exploit and the device cannot be rooted
If your result is the second option you are eligible for Framaroot rooting process and if you get the first message you have try another method.

framaroot  download.png

How To Root With Framaroot APK
  • When you get 'Exploit Successful' message, click 'Ok' and go to available exploits
  • Try exploits one by one and your device will be rooted with any one of the exploits
  • Once the process is completed your device will be rooted and you will get three options "Execute Scripts, Unroot and Install SuperSU" and root option is not displayed since the device is rooted
  • Next, you can select 'Install Super User' or 'Install Super SU' to modify, view or edit super users permissions for root apps
  • Select one of them and if the exploit is successful to "Congratulations", your device is now rooted 'message will be displayed
  • Now, you have rooted your device with Framaroot APK reboot your device
  • Reboot the device and enjoy
Note: Plese be informed that rooting may cause to avoid your device warranty.