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Everything You Should Know Before Root Using Rootkhp 2.0

Android Operating System becomes more and more stable as well as famous among users all over the world. It has nicely managed to climb the peak of the success. But the recent past few years Android users tend to root their valuable Handset bearing the Risk associated with it. In normal condition, Android smartphone owners are prohibited from accessing the core of the OS due to developer imposed restrictions. But now as a result of rooting tools, such as Rootkhp most users root their smartphones with confidence including me. So, I thought to share the experience regarding Rootkhp 2.0.
8YSILG4.png About Rootkhp 2.0
Available latest Rootkhp version to Root Android 7.0 devices
You can gain the Administrative privileges of your own device including the deepest level of your Android system.
The tool uses "One Click Root manner" to root which means a single click needs to execute the root procedure.
Developed By Kingroot developers.

  • Only compatible with the Windows Platform.
  • There is no such official way to use Rootkhp with Linux or Mac.
  • officially No APK version is available.

Rootkhp 2.0 Windows Compatibility List
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10
  • Windows 2012

How To Download
Unluckily you can not download the rootkhp from the Google play store as we usually do. So you have to navigate to the world wide web in order to download the tool. Fortunately, we can download free.
Get Ready To Install

  • Enable USB debugging of your Nougat.
  • Disable Antivirus temporarily until you complete the Android Root procedure
  • Remember to take a complete backup of your valuable data including contacts, messages, files, video etc before root.
To Enable USB Debugging
Take your mobile device> Go to Settings> About Device> Software Information> Tap several times on the Build number available under Software information> Scroll down the settings and find the new developer options menu> Turn it on and now you can enable the USB debugging option there.
For more details watch the Video here

RootKhp Root Guide
Follow the simple steps given below to root your Android nougat.
Step 1: Install Rootkhp in your Windows PC.
Step 2: Enable USB debugging and connect to the PC.
Step 3: Launch the rootkhp app and there you will see an orange color button named as "root" Click on it.
Step 4: Now the rooting will begin and do not disconnect the mobile once you receive the success message.
Step 5: Restart the mobile before you make use of it.

Good Luck : cool:
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