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How To Download Flashify APK and Flash Android KitKat +

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There is no other topic other than flashing and Rooting that is mostly being discussed over the internet. Because Flashing and rooting is that much popular among the Android users, since it is the one and only way to customize Android device in users end. Although the users are lacking in technical knowledge, now they can root or flash their devices thanks to rooting and flashing utilities. Falsify is one of flashing utility currently available which works as on-device flashing utility.

Flashify APK

Flashify APK was designed by Christian Göllner and the app is distributed by Google play store. You can use the application on Android rooted devices which run Android 4.0 and higher version.

Flashify APK Features

The latest version of Flashify APK is v1.9.2: and it offers the following features.

Creates a queue and flashes multiple files
Flashes boot and recovery .img without recovery mode
Automatic Loki patches
Full nandroid backups / restores for TWRP and Philz recovery
Keeps records of recently flashed items
Flashes files from any location
Downloads and Flashes recoveries
Flashes Zip files (Needs recovery mode)
Backup & Restore Kernel and Recovery
Syncronizes Cloud backups between Desktops and devices automatically

Note: Flashify APK is not a freeware completely. You can only use 3 flashes per day and some features are locked if you are using the free app. If you want to unlock the app you have to make an in-app purchase. You can learn about the tool in detail through flashify.org

Why Flashify

As you know most of the flashing application requires a computer.PC method is a bit complicated. But flashify is a simple and on-device flashing application. Since the application does all the tasks such as download / backup / restore kernel and recoveries users get more freedom than the PC method.

How To Use Flashify APK

  • First of all, you have to root your device properly
  • Next download flashify APK on your device as a regular Android application
  • Then, download the file you want to flash
  • Launch the application
  • On the Home screen, you will see "Flash & Backup / restore" tabs
  • Select Preferred option to proceed
  • If you tap on "Flash" option you will get "Boot .img, recovery .img and Zip file", You can choose one of them according to the file you are going to flash
  • If you tap on "Backup / restore" option flashify will show you a list and you can choose one of them to back up
  • The flashify Menu appears as three dots and it offers the option to reboot your device into the desired mode and other settings

Since this is a simple Android application which offers heavy flashing process in a simple manner, you will be able to understand the rest of the functionality easily

Note: Some users have experienced bad experience with Flashify APK and some has experienced great. Therefore, using the tool at your own risk.