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How to Install TWRP With Flashify APK On Samsung Galaxy S9

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Do you have an idea to root your newly brought Samsung Galaxy S9 device? If so this article going to be very helpful to you. Actually, this guide is not going to direct you to root your device. But it gives you the chance to learn about an APK name Flashify which is very useful for rooted Android devices. In here you can be informed about installing the latest TWRP with Flashify On Rooted Samsung Galaxy S9.

What Is Flashify APK

Flashify APK is an application which can only be installed on Rooted Android devices. It allows users to flash boot.img, recovery .img and Zip files on their rooted android devices very easily. Currently, users are able to download Flashify APK 1.9.2 latest version on Android KitKat and above versions.Flashify comes as Flashify Free APK and Flashify Premium APK. If you wish to flash your device frequently it is better to purchase Flashify Premium APK since Flashify Free APK only offers three flashes a day. .

Intresting Features Of Flashify APK 1.9.2

  • Flashes zip files and give chance to wipe cache,dalvik and data when TWRP or Philz recovery is used
  • Flashes boot and recovery .img without booting device into recovery mode
  • Stores information about recently flashed files via Flashify APK
  • Downloads and flashes any recovery such as CWM, Philz, TWRP, Gapps, Franco Kernel and Stock Nexus Kernel (premium) etc.according to user preferences
  • Flash multiple files and create a flash queue
  • Synchronises backups between smart devices and desktops automatically
  • Backup / Restore kernel and recovery using Sdcard or cloud
  • You have the ability to flash from anywhere via Flashify APK

Requirements To Download Flashify APK 1.9.2

  • Properly rooted Samsung Galaxy S9 device
  • Wi-Fi or a strong network connection
  • 15MB of disk space or higher
  • 1GB Random Acess Memory or higher
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Flashify APK 1.9.2

How to Install TWRP Recovery On Samsung Galaxy S9 With Flashify APK

  • Download Flashify APK latest version and install as a regular application
  • Next, download the latest TWRP recovery image file from the official site
  • Select the recommended image according to Samsung Galaxy S9
  • Now, Open the Flashify APK and grant root permission
  • Click on the "Recovery image" option and choose recovery. img or twrp. img file
  • Finally, click "OK" to flash the latest TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy S9

Note: Do not forget to have a full backup of the device before flashing process. .Watch this video to get additional details.

How To Backup Kernel and Recovery Using Flashify APK

  • Open the Flashify APK
  • Select Backup / Restore option on the user interface
  • Next, select "Backup current kernel " or "Backup current recovery"
Developer Credits

All the thanks and credits go to Christian Göllner for designing and distributing the Flashify APK for free