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How To Jailbreak And Download Cydia for iOS 12.1.2 Through Cydia Guru

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All the Apple smartphone users are now aware of jailbreak and the Cydia. But still, there are some users who are afraid of jailbreaking though they are interested in it. In simple words, Jailbreaking is the process which is followed to avoid software limitations which have been imposed on Apple devices by Apple. Jailbreak gives root access to iOS and convince users to download and install applications, games, themes that can not be downloaded via the official Apple App Store. After jailbreaking,Cydia is installed and it works as the official App Store. So, you might be thinking what is Cydia Guru?

Download Cydia Guru

Cydia Guru is a very useful application, especially if you are a newbie to jailbreaking. Cydia Guru detects your iOS version automatically and jailbreak the device easily and install Cydia in a few minutes. Since the program does everything for you, you do not need any specialized knowledge or attempts to proceed. Cydia Guru supports iOS 12 / 12.1.2, iOS 11, iOS 10 and iOS 9

Highlights Of Cydia Guru
  • Does not require a computer: You can download Cydia Guru directly on your device and proceed
  • Supports all iOS version: Detects vulnerabilities and exploits automatically and jailbreaks devices up to iOS 12 and higher
  • Speed: Works faster and complete the whole process in one minute
  • Device compatibility: Support all the old and new iOS devices regardless of 32 or 64 bit
  • Firmware compatibility: No need of waiting for new jailbreak releases since Cydia Guru is compatible with all the latest firmware
  • 24/7 Customer Support: You can contact the developer and report issues and get solutions soon
Cydia Guru Supported Devices
  • iPhone: iPhone 5SE to iPhone X
  • iPads: iPad Mini 2 to iPad Pro (12.9 inches)
  • iPod: iPod touch 6th Generation
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How To Jailbreak Any iOS version Using Cydia Guru

Step 01: Launch Safari Web Browser and visit Cydia Guru website
Step 02: Find "Cydia Download" button and click it
Step 03: Wait until the Cydia Guru finds your iOS version
Step 04: Tap on the "Install Cydia" button to start the jailbreaking process
Step 05: When the device is jailbroken you will be navigated to "Install page"
Step 06: There, you will find "Add to Home Screen" button and clicking it will add Cydia on your Home Screen

Note: Since Cydia Guru is only working with Safari browser you are not able to install it via Chrome or other available browsers.

Developer Thanks

All the thanks and credit go to Cydia Guru team for designing and distributing the program for free

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