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How To Root Android And Enable Carrier Blocked Android’s Built-In Tethering


Android smartphone users prefer Android rooting due to a number of reasons. Wi-Fi hotspot is one of key reason which inspires Android users to root their devices even though rooting is technically dangerous. Usually, all the Android smartphone are manufactured with Mobile Hotspot and Tethering feature and able to share device internet with other Android users. But, some network carriers in some countries market some smartphones model after having Mobile Hotspot and Tethering feature disabled. In order to use the facility, users need to pay an additional charge for that. You can re-enable it and use the feature after rooting your Android device

How To Root Android

This is one of the regular questions when thin about Android modifications. Technically, you can use one click root Android or flashing method to root your device. But in case of enabling Wi-Fi hotspot, there are two possible methods you can use

  • Xposed Framework - You can install Xposed framework on your Android device after rooting and install X Tether module via it to enable Wi-Fi hotspot in your device
  • Magisk - In this method, you need to root your device using Magisk and have Magisk Manager on your device. Magisk works smarter as same as the Xposed but in a simpler, smarter and innovative way than Xposed framework.

How To Enable Android's Built-In Tethering Using Magisk

First, you need to remove any rooting solution that exists in your Android and or flash a stock ROM on your device for clean starting. Then, flash a custom recovery (TWRP) on your device and flash Magisk Zip file on your device in recovery mode. It will install Magisk Manager on your device while rooting it. Then, you can enable Android's Built-In Tethering using following steps

  • 1 Step - Launch Magisk Manager
  • 2 Step - Slide right to left to open the Magisk Manager menu
  • 3 Step - Next, tap on the "Download" option
  • 4 Step - Then, tap on the "Search" icon and type "tethering enabler"
  • 5 Step - When you found the module, click the "Download" icon next to it and tap on "Install" on the Pop-up message
  • 6 Step - After installation, reboot your device to apply the module

Note: Usually, tweaks and mods are not displayed as apps on your device screen since they work as modifications to the system. Just, go to Mobile Hotspot and Tethering feature and check using it if it works or not