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How to root android Manually Using PC

android root pc.png

Rooting Android has become one of the most frequently searched questions on the internet by now. A properly rooted Android device is advanced in both appearance and performance than stock Android smartphone. Although the rooting is officially not recommended, Android users do not mind about it as rooting is worth trying. Before rooting, you must be informed that it causes to avoid your device, warranty and brick your device on some occasions.

One-Click Root And Manual Root

One-click rooting method is very popular and quicker when compared to the root manual. As one-click rooting tools are simpler and faster, most users tend to use one-click rooting tools as rooting newbies. One-click rooting tools use exploit method and automatically access the root directory as soon as you run the one-click root app on your device. When it comes to root, most of the users do not know how to root Android phone manually . The manual root is not as simple as one click rooting tools since it requires some difficult steps.

How To Get Ready To Root Your Android Manually

  • Download Su binary file zip file on your Windows computer which allows you to access the root directory of your device
  • Install Fastboot and ADB drivers on your computer
  • Unlock the bootloader of your device
  • Download Custom recovery image for your device (TWRP recovery) on your computer

How To Root An Android Device Manually

  • Download and Install relevant USB drivers for your device on your computer
  • Download and Install Fastboot and ADB drivers on your computer. You can use 15 seconds ADB Installer from XDA developers to install Fastboot and ADB drivers on your computer very easily
  • Enable USB debugging mode on your Android device
  • Open the folder where you downloaded the TWRP recovery
  • Use Shift + Right-click on an empty area in the folder
  • Then, you will get a menu and select " Open command window here " option to open a command window
  • Now, connect your Android smartphone to the computer via USB cable and type adb reboot bootloader command line in the command window to boot your device into bootloader mode
  • When you access the bootloader mode, type fastboot flash recovery with the name of your recovery image (ex Twrp-2.8.xx-xxx.img)
  • Once you have flashed recovery image type fastboot reboot command to reboot your device
  • Now, place the Su binary file on your Android smartphone
  • Boot your device into recovery mode and tap on the "Install" icon and select the Su binary file
  • Swipe the slider and flash the Su binary Zip file to gain root access
  • When it is flashed, tap on the "Reboot System" in recovery mode to boot your device into the normal mode

Note: This is the general method to flash Su binary manually on your device. Steps of the process may slightly vary according to the binary file you are using.