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Consulta How To Root Android - One-Click Rooting Or Flashing Method

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Android rooting is always mind blowing but make us confuse when trying to select an ideal rooting method. Here I am going to give you some tips which may be helpful when you are selecting a rooting method for your Andriod device.

Android Rooting In Simple Terms

Android Rooting is the mechanism which you should follow in order to acess the system partition of your device. Generally, Android smartphones and tablets consist of internal memory partitions and SD card partitions. The internal memory contains boot / system / recovery / data and cache partitions. System partition contains the entire operating system, kernel and the ramdisk. You can find files and commands related to Android user interface and system applications in here. So, if you need to do any modification on your device deeply, you need enter here first. But, officially, none of Android users is allowed to acess here. That is why Android users try to gain root acess through Android rooting.

How Root Android

The answer to this question depends on the level of the knowledge you have regarding Android and PCs. If you are familiar with fastboot and adb commands you can simply root your device using PC. Here are summarized steps to root your Android using Pc

  • Download root file for your device on your computer
  • Install right USB drivers on your PC
  • Unlock your bootloader following your device manufacturer instructions
  • Install ADB and Fastboot drivers
  • Download TWRP custom recovery on your computer and move it to ADB and Fastboot folder
  • Enable USB debugging mode and enable OEM Unlock
  • Connect your phone to PC
  • Open a command window in ADB and Fastboot folder using Shift + Right click
  • Type adb reboot bootloader in the command window and press enter key to enable bootloader mode on your device
  • Select "Apply Update from ADB Sideload" in bootloader mode on your device using volume and power buttons
  • Type fastboot flash recovery with your recovery image name and hit enter
  • At the end of the installation, boot your device into recovery mode and flash the root file

If you are a Samsung Galaxy user, you can directly flash CF-Auto-Root package in stock recovery using Samsung Odin to have privileged controls. Check How to Root Android (Samsung Galaxy/Note Complete Guide)

If you are not very familiar with PC commands, you can choose a compatible one-click rooting tool for your device and download it directly on your Android device and root it easily. If the PC version is available of the relavant tool, you can use it.

Final Word

Flashing root files in a recovery mode is reliable and stable than one-click rooting tools. One-click rooting tools are based on Android vulnerabilities and not compatible with most of the latest smartphones. So, one-click rooting tools are most suitable for Android Lollipop and lower versions. Try to use the recovery method for the latest devices