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Consulta How To Root Android - What Are The Things You Should Concern


Looking forward to rooting your Android smartphone? Then, you need a good preparation before starting the rooting process. Although the rooting solution varies according to the Android smartphone you are using, there are several common things you need to prepare before starting the rooting process. Let's find out one by one

  • Complete BackUp Of Your Device - Android rooting is an unauthorized technical task and there is a higher chance to get device bricking as rooting is going against stock software configurations. So, you need to get a complete back up of your device. Nandroid backup is the best backup option as it is the digital copy of your Android firmware. But you can only get a Nandoird backup via a custom recovery and you need fast boot and ADB tools knowledge to flash a custom recovery

  • Unlocking Bootloader - All the Android smartphone comes with a bootloader and it is the program which checks the software environment before running the Android kernel. Technically, if you are trying to root your device using a recovery rooting method such as Magisk , the unlocked bootloader is essential. Because Magisk is a framework with Su binary and it needs to be applied on the stock firmware each time you run the device. Each time you run the device, the bootloader is loaded and if it finds something other than officially approved, your device may be stuck in a boot loop or may end up with device bricking

  • USB / FASTBOOT & ADB drivers - These are essential when you are trying the recovery rooting method such as Odin root and Magisk. and Magisk. Especially, Magisk needs to be flashed in custom recovery and you need to flash to a custom recovery on your Android using ADB and Fastboot tools.

In addition to these things, you must be equipped with enough battery power, compatible USB cable and workable PC in order to have a successful rooting.