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How to root Android with Samsung Odin

I had a lot of problems with Android before I discovered rooting. I practiced it with a bunch of devices And finally, I have discovered what is the best rooting tool for my Samsung Galaxy device. As you know from the heading it is Samsung Odin. This is not only capable of rooting but also flashing custom ROMs and install Custom recoveries. But for the beginner, this can be some tech mumbo jumbo. Anyhow you should understand what is root and why you should do it beforehand.

What is rooting?

The Android system is developed based on Linux. So Root is considered as the user account who has administrative authorities. Just like Linux. When we rooting our device we can obtain those administrative privileges. It just replaces a file removed by manufacturers. So the system will be rebooted as the superuser, I mean as the root instead of the regular user account you had. This is process basically happen with any kind of rooting tool. But the fact you should consider is the risk that you have to face when you root your device. So select the most compatible root tool is necessary.

What is Samsung Odin?

It is the root tool for the Samsung mobile phones which is released by the Samsung itself. But there are different versions of Odin for the various Android Operating Systems. As per my case, I have a jellybean so it should be Odin version 3.09 which I should use and obviously I did.

samsung odin 2.png

How to root Android with Odin?

You should understand how risky is this process. So never root your smartphone without installing custom recovery. It's specific for your device model. So find them from trusted sites like updato. Make sure to backup all your data before doing anything else. After you install the custom recovery you can use a root manager for your smartphone or tablet by just one click. The magisk manager or SuperSu is best for the job.

Before the end, I should tell you that this is the safest method for the Samsung Galaxy rooting. I have experience with few rooting tools but this is my favorite. Samsung Odin rocks. !!