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How To Use Mi PC Suite For Mac

Mi PC Suite is the specially designed mobile manager for Xiaomi Device. Here is the guide to use Mi PC Suite For Mac


  • What is Mi PC Suite
  • Mi PC Suite For Mac
  • Highlights
  • System Requirements & Installation

What Is Mi PC Suite

Mi PC Suite is the mobile manager application for Xiaomi devices. This application was created by Xiaomi company itself for Xiaomi users to manage their mobile devices via Windows computers. Initially, This app was launched in the Chinese language and now it is available in English version. Mi PC Suite manages Xiaomi devices faster and simply while letting users update, flash and unbrick Xiaomi devices.

Mi PC Suite For Mac

Currently, Mi PC Suite Spanish version is the latest version of Mi PC Suite. The software is Windows-based and can be installed on Windows 10. If you are a user, simply download Syncmate app. It is the Mi PC Suite for Mac-Xiaomi users by now. Sync mate available in Free version and Paid version. Some features which are available on Paid version are not available on Free version. Syncmate Version 7.2.407 (17th May 2018) is the latest version and compatible with any Android 4.x-8.x device. Here are the improvements of Syncmate Version 7.2.407


  • Synchronizing Mac with Xiaomi and multiple devices including online account simultaneously
  • Ability to manage Android Xiaomi as Mac disk
  • A well-featured personal assistant to all synchronization and Mac and Xiaomi smartphones
  • Ability apply all Finder possibilities to copy files to multiple folders at once etc.
  • Ability to sync iTunes playlists between Mac and Xiaomi
  • Communicates with address book, contacts, apps, iTunes and Music directly

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.8.5+
  • 53.1MB space
  • Original USB cable


Syncmate Version 7.2.407

How To Install Syncmate on Xiaomi devices

  • Download the latest version of SyncMate
  • Open syncmate.dmg to start SyncMate installation process
  • Read the License Agreement and if you agree with it click "Agree" button to continue SyncMate installation
  • Drag SyncMate (.app file) to Applications folder
  • Go to the Applications folder and find SyncMate.app
  • Double-click it and launch
  • Then a window will appear displaying Two types of installation
  • Default Installation - SyncMate is installed with all its components
  • Advanced Installation - Give chance to decide which components to install. SyncMate components can be managed later
  • Next, Enter administrator password to install SyncMate driver & click "OK"
  • Then, follow the hints in the SyncMate main window and start the syncing process

Note: Mac OS version not earlier than 10.10 is needed to sync data with Microsoft accounts
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