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[KERNEL][4.4.X] Jolie Kernel for Mako (2.0.9)


Usuario con historia
This kernel is a personal build of Semaphore sources with Faux Sound and Speaker patches. Just that.
As you notice, I didn't developed any of this sources, just added Faux patches to Semaphore's source and build it. Same toochain. Same source.
So you are advised:
If you have a bug with this kernel do the following:
Flash the same version of Semaphore original kernel.
Try it again.
Get all the information, and post it.
If we consider that is an "upstream" bug, we can ask it in Semaphore's thread.
Same for FauxSound.

NEW 2 different versions
There is a folder called mods that have 2 more versions, Jolie Belle with Fastcharge + AOSP kexec + USB OTG (not included in lastest 2.0.9).

Lastest stable version includes Faux Speaker too. This is a summary of new buids:
Main release: Jolie_Kernel_Mako_2.0.9.zip -> Semaphore + Faux Sound + Faux Speaker
Jolie Belle: Jolie_Belle_Kernel_Mako_2.0.9.zip -> Main + Fastcharge + AOSP kexec + USB OTG (not included in lastest 2.0.9)
Jolie Belle for CM: please use Pandan Kernel instead.
Flash from recovery as usual.
No wipe needed.
To control kernel settings please use Semaphore Manager.
To control FauxSound settings you can use FauxSound Audio/Sound Control or Trickster MOD.
To control FauxSpeaker you can use Speaker Loudness & Amp Control.