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[KERNEL][GPL] FuguMod kernel (open, stable and secure)

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FuguMod kernel is now available for the Galaxy Nexus.

I has been reported to work both on GSM and CDMA versions. But I can only test it on GSM version myself.



Source and changelog can be found here:


IRC channel:

irc.freenode.net #fugumod

To install, just download the appropriate version for your ROM (4.0.x) and flash it with fastboot (RAW version: fastboot flash boot kernel-$VERSION.img) or flash it with CWM (CWM/zip version).

Please note that not all versions exist in CWM format.

4.0.2 version is based on official google initramfs + init.d support (is now in deprecated state, no future updates will be brought)

4.0.3 version is based on the initramfs of AOSP + init.d support


- stackprotector

- various security enhancements

- RCU boost

- Automatic process grouping

- TUN (compiled in kernel)

- linux kernel 3.0.25

- newer wifi driver

- gamma/color hack

- CM9 compatibility


Kernels are based on the below version scheme


20120111 is the date it has been packaged

r20 is the release number

4.0.3 is the ROM it is compatible with

Color offsets

In CM9, just use the built in function.

For other ROMs, the settings offsets are in


For example green_v1_offset

Just edit the three green red and blue color settings. Default value is 60.

It can be done on the console with a command like this: echo 55> /sys/class/misc/samoled_color/green_v1_offset

Stable vs Testing

There are sometimes kernels in testing folder. These may be very stable or may not boot at all. Be sure to have an USB cable and fastboot under the hand if you try one of these. That said, in general, if they stay into testing folder for more than 15 min, they should at least boot and work more or less. I tend to remove non booting kernels from testing folder in less than 10 min (depending a little bit on the speed testers take them), and so if you see them one hour later, you should assume they are safe enough to flash.

So, in general Stable is the safest bet, but Testing may be the best. I, myself, generally run testing one.

Deprecated folder

In general, unless you really know what you are doing, you should avoid flashing those, they are mainly there for historical reasons.

Radio drops and blueish/faded screens

Please ensure you are running the correct firmware for bootloader and baseband, like in the matrix in bottom of that page: http://source.androi...ng-devices.html

For those where problems persist after flashing recommended versions, try "echo 0 > /sys/kernel/debug/smartreflex/sr_core/autocomp"


bootloaders: https://faramir.eria...bootloaders-gn/

basebands: https://faramir.eria...m/galaxy_nexus/


Samsung Galaxy Nexus

FuguMod for Galaxy Nexus
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