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Consulta Latest YouTube Vanced APK Download

YouTube Vanced is one of the most popular Modded versions of the modded YouTube App. It comes with some important features for YouTubers such as Ads Blocker, background video playback with dark themes and many more. Here you can get the complete installation guides with the latest features and download links for ROOTED, NONROOTED and MAGISK android devices .

YouTube Vanced APK is a small app contained a heap of the latest performances and options. everybody is aware of it because of the changed edition of common YouTube.

However, throughout the original utility, users capable to block advertisements, background playback, and any attention-grabbing features. it's nice having an ad-free version of the YouTube on your Smartphone.

It's totally safe within the stand of the official YouTube supporter that simply installed suggested features.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

The advanced YouTube APK client listed below goes by the name Vanced. It is a modded app for an advanced YouTube experience. Most importantly, you get all the YouTube Premium features for free with the Vanced app. It has the exact same user interface and is a mirror of the stock YouTube Premium APK with AdBlocker, Picture-in-Picture mode, and my personal favorite background play with screen off. So download the latest Vanced YouTube APK from here .

This Youtube Vanced APK developed by iYTBP Group whose stand for injected YouTube Background Playback and this was the first name of the app after renamed the project as YouTube (Ad) Vanced. This idea came from the Xposed Module for Youtube video playback.

YouTube Vanced is the perfect and free alternative for YouTube Premium or Red featuring no Ads, PIP, dark mode, etc. With Vanced YouTube you can add a playlist and listen to your favorite podcasts and music in the background and even control the playlist from the lock screen.

How to Install YouTube Vanced APK?

There are many steps. However, they are quick, easy, and pretty much fool-proof. You are already using an ODROID, so you already have the skills needed for this.
YouTube Vanced comes in 3 versions - mainly YouTube Vanced for non-rooted, rooted, and Magisk installed Android devices. The app was formerly known as iYTB, YT Vanced has now become a full-fledged YouTube app will all the features from the latest YouTube APK and more.

Download YouTube Vanced


Usually, this is the best solution for every Android device. The latest version at the time of writing is based on original YouTube v14.21.54 . Vanced YouTube 14.21.54 is the latest version. You can check out the full downloads repository

  • Download the official installer from the “root” page.
  • First of all, you need to download the official installer from the “ROOT” Page.
  • Then select the exact version of Youtube Vanced apk as well as the second theme that you need to install.
  • Now move to download apk to sd card / downloads or into the installation ZIP.
  • You need to uninstall all the updates of youtube and disable auto-update from the google play store.