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NottachTrix4G - AIO Aroma Installer 1.3.1 [2.3.6][Blur][Multi-Lang]

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The often imitated, never duplicated, definitive Blur-Based ROM.
Before asking questions here please search NottachTrix support forum.
No registration required to read the support threads.

The developer is not responsible for what you do to your device.
User assumes all responsibility when flashing ROM.


-2.3.6 (AT&T 4.5.141)-DeOdexed-Rooted-BusyBoxed-ZipAligned-Unified Installer (Aroma Installer by amarullz)-EXT3 or EXT4-All Kernels Included-1% Batt-Removed Carrier-VM Heap = 192m-Quick Panel (Scrolling)-EDT (Clock Appearance and Color)-Battery Bar (TEAM Battery Bar)-etc/moto tweaks-LS HDMI (4.5.141 System)-WebTop over HDMI-Entitlement Check Disabled-ICS Fonts-ICS Animations-Reduced AutoBrightness (Screen & Buttons)-Custom Boot Animation (Under 1MB)-Reboot, Reboot to Recovery & Sleep-More Languages (Might need a Hebrew Font)-Voice Command Support--Deutsch--Espanol (Espana)--English (UK)--Francais--Italiano--Portugues-Bravia Hack-StageFright Tweaks-External Keyboard Settings-Droid3 Camera Combos-QuickPic Gallery Combos-0kb Camera Sounds-Ad Blocking (hosts)-Updated Time Zones-Screen On on UnPlug-SIP WiFi Only = false-Skip Slider if PIN, Pattern, or Password Set-Added Motorola_Bluetooth_Wireless_Keyboard.kl-Added Motorola_Bluetooth_Wireless_Keyboard.kcm.bin-External Keyboard Settings-Removed Vlingo-Browser Defualt HomePage (Google)-Custom No Notifications String-Mirror Resolution App (djeman)-Added dun to TIM 72403 APN-Airplane Mode Does Not Affect WiFi-Arabic Text Fix-aGPS to Stock-Smoother Scroll (AndroidON)-Media Volume Steps to 30 (May cause issues in PowerAMP) (AndroidON)-Raindrop Fix (Notorious544d)


(MODs by Nottach)
(Aroma Installer by amarullz)
(Recovery by RomRacer)
(SamCripp, Faux123, Diviance, kenpenn, AndroidON
jug, djeman, Notorious544d, alaq, shoux
and anybody else I may have missed...)

I recommend using RomRacers Latest Recovery to flash NottachTrix.

@Download NottachTrix-Aroma Zip and Copy To [email protected] Into [email protected] zip via [email protected] Aroma Touch-Choose: No-Touch corner points as near corner as possible.-After testing with big white dots, confirm with power button.-Choose: OK-Choose: YesTIP: Press Power Button twice to skip calibration and use default [email protected] Aroma Installer-Choose: Your Desired Custom Setup From Available Menus and MODs and InstallInternational Users: You must choose either RamFix or Fauxs Kernel during [email protected] Install Finishes in Aroma Choose RebootA (status 0) error upon exit from Aroma in normal.@Reboot System Normally Once Back in Regular Recovery

(Use WinRar to extract ROM from archives)
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[Change Log]

-Theme Fixes for Recovery Option
-Added DarkSide Theme
-Added HTC Sense Theme
-Added DarkSide BootAnimation
-Added HTC BootAnimation
-Added Go Launcher Option
-Added ChargeBar Option
(Alternative to TEAM Battery Bar)
-Updated QuickPic (2.2.2)
-Updated Titanium BackUp (4.9.0)
-Updated hosts Ad-Blocking (3/31)

-Updated Aroma Binary & Options
--Added Ad-Blocking Option
--Updated Monotrix 2x5 (Alaq)
-Updated Titanium Back-Up
-Updated ROM Manager
-Updated Dropbox (2.2.1)
-Updated Google Maps (6.5.0)
-Updated Google Play (3.5.15) (nelson1979)
--Fix Unable to Purchase Apps
-Updated QuickPic (2.2.1)
-Updated TEAM Battery Bar (2.2)
-Updated Adobe FlashPlayer (..1.111.8)
-Updated ES File Explorer (
-Added Reboot to Recovery to PowerMenu (nozap)
--Stock Theme Only At The Moment

-Updated Aroma Binary
-Updated Market to Play (3.4.7)
-Fixed BlurHome Shortcut for Market to Play
-BlurHome 5 Columns
-Updated Google Maps (6.4.0)
-Updated TEAM Battery Bar (1.8)
-Updated MonoTrix Theme
-Updated Hosts (ad-blocking)
-Removed NottachTrix App

-Updated Aroma Binary
-Added Aroma Options
---Data Manager with Meter
---MonoTrix Theme by Alaq
--3rd Party Apps
---Titanium Backup
---ROM Manager
---ES File Explorer
---NottachTrix App by Frustratez
---QuickPic now Installed with QP Combos (No More Need To Download From Market)
-Updated Busybox
-Updated Adobe FlashPlayer
-Added Search Option to Settings
-Fixed Some ChTw Wifi Menu FCs and Formatting
-Fixed Black on Black Text in Settings

-Aroma Options Added
--Faux 1.3 Kernel Options
--30 Step Volume MOD
-Added More External Keyboard Layouts
(Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish)
(Select External KB Language Before Device Language)
-Fixed Add Account FCs
-Fixed BlurFacebook, BlurFlickr, QuickSms, MotoNews Installs

-Updated Aroma Installer (v2.0)
-Added an Apps/MODs/Themes/Animation Mode to Installer (must have NottachTrix installed, obviously)
-Updated ICSTrix Theme by Alaq
-Removed QuickBlack Theme
-Updated YouTube
-Updated TEAM Battery Bar (animate)
-More Russian & Turkish Translations
-Added EXT4 Format Options for Faux Kernels (EXT4 will wipe all data, for now)
-Cleaned Up Installer/Made Custom Theme

-Updated Aroma Installer (Smoother, More Responsive, Themes)
-Fix Aroma Button Navigation
--Vol / Up/Down (Must Scroll Up Before Down)
--Home / Options
--Back / Back
--Power / Select
--Menu / Select
-Added Apps Menu, No More Full/Lite Versions
-Camera Combos Instead of Seperate Menus
(QuickPic Combos Require QuickPic From Market)
--Stock Cam / Blur Gallery
--Stock Cam linked to QuickPic / No Gallery
--D3 Cam / Blur Gallery
--D3 Cam linked to QuickPic / No Gallery
--Miui Cam / Miui Gallery
-Theme Options Menu
--ICSTrix by Alaq
--QuickBlack by Alaq
-Swapped Data Manager App
-Updated sqlite3
-Gtalk Video Chat Over 3G (Enabled on 2nd Boot)

-Fixed Formatting Problems Some Users Experienced
-Enable Aroma Touch Calibration
-Fixed Market Purchases
-Gtalk Video Chat Over 3G ?Enabled on 2nd Boot?
-WiFi Sleep Policy Default Never
-Battery Line Defaults (2px, Blue, Static)
-Batt Fix by jug6ernaut
-SMS Delivery
-Camera Options (Stock, D3 or MIUI)
-Gallery Options (Blur or MIUI)
-Kernel Options (AT&T, RamFix, Faux 1.00, Faux 1.45)

-Unified Installer (Aroma Installer by http://forum.xda-developers.com/member.php?u=402300]amarullz[/url])
-Increased VM Heap = 160m (Seems to help with audio and scroll stuttering)
-Fixed PIN, Password Text Color
-No BlurHome Landscape as Default (MOD in installer)

-Added External Keyboard Settings
-Swapped Camera for Droid3 Camera
Old Changes Not Previously Listed
-0kb Camera Sounds
-Ad Blocking (hosts)

-Updated Time Zones
-More Russian Translations
-Screen On on UnPlug
-SIP WiFi Only = false
-Skip Slider if PIN, Pattern, or Password Set
-Added Motorola_Bluetooth_Wireless_Keyboard.kl
-Added Motorola_Bluetooth_Wireless_Keyboard.kcm.bin
-Removed Vlingo

-Fixed Browser Defualt HomePage (Google)
-Fixed No Notifications String
-Mirror Resolution MOD (djeman)
-Added dun to TIM 72403 APN
-Added Languages (Might need a Hebrew Font)
-Airplane Mode Deos Not Affect WiFi

-Arabic Text Fix
-aGPS to Stock
-Smoother Scroll (AndroidON)
-Media Volume Steps to 30 (May cause issues in PowerAMP) (AndroidON)
-Updated Adobe Flash
-Updated Maps
-Updated TEAM Battery Bar App (New Options)
-Voice Command Support
--Espanol (Espana)
--English (UK)
-Updated SU Binary
-Raindrop Fix (Notorious544d)

-Removed Titamnium BackUp
-Added Bravia Hack
-StageFright Tweaks

-2.3.6 (AT&T 4.5.141)
-1% Batt
-Removed Carrier
-Quick Panel (Scrolling)
-EDT (Clock Appearance and Color)
-Battery Bar (Thin Battery Level Bar on Top of Screen)
-Inverted Settings
-etc/moto tweaks
-LS HDMI (used 4.5.141 Files)
-WebTop over HDMI
-Entitlement Check Disabled
-ICS Fonts
-ICS Animations
-Reduced AutoBrightness (Screen & LCD)
-Custon Boot Animation (Under 1MB)
-Reboot & Sleep

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Usuario activo
Pongo lo mismo que puse en el hilo de WetDream (favor de borrar ese otro mensaje :] ):

La última ROM de este muchacho, NottachTrix, es por lejos la mejor que haya probado hasta ahora. El tiempo de respuesta es instantáneo y la batería nunca me duró tanto. Van poco más de 15 horas de uso pesado y tengo 35%. La recomiendo ampliamente!



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How To Use WebTop Over Cellular/Data:


How To Fix Disappearing Widgets:


How To Fix Social Widgets Not Updating:


How To Fix "My Apps" or "Incompatible Apps" in Market:


How To Fix No Data Over Mobile HotSpot:



Usuario con historia
La tengo hace 4 horas, la verdad, es impresionante y me va muy bien en mi att, es la unica q tomo en serio comparada a la ginger de evo...

sigo probando, hasta ahora va mejor cada vez, super fluida y rapida, los problemas que tenia con el webtop (base HD) hasta ahora no me han sucesido, ningun FC, tempe baja, consumo de bat muy bueno... seguimos viendo...
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copia a gingermod que no esta mas en xda?
No, es la continuación de Wet Dream. Nottach viene haciendo ROMs desde hace mucho y siempre fueron bastante buenos pero este ciertamente se pasa, es por lejos el más estable que probé y el que mejor vida de la batería me dio sin cortar en ningún momento la conexión de datos (como sí hace la última de Personal). Desde mi punto de vista es bastante superior a GingerMod, de hecho para mí es la mejor. Al no traer blur en su versión lite le metí el LauncherPro (que sigue funcionando bien a pesar de que nunca más lo actualizaron) y el teléfono me quedó hecho una seda.


Usuario con historia
Probando la rom hasta el momento .. la verdad me sorprendio gratamente es muy estable solo la bata se va un poco pero

voy a ir probando kernel a ver si cambia ... perdon evo pero parece que ....por el momento voy a seguir probandola .. :) ...a espera de la#9 a ver que ond
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