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[ROM][4.0.3] BAMF Paradigm v1.1

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Paradigm represents the culmination of months of work to bring our users the best possible AOSP experience.

Using all of our previous experience with a multitude of devices and user interfaces, we aim to bring you something you just can't get anywhere else.

Are you ready for the shift?

When we set out to build this ROM, we wanted to keep the feel as stock as possible while adding as much functionality as possible.

The primary concern was always stability and user experience.

Que esperar?:

  • Android 4.0.3 internals

  • Quick, lag-free performance

  • Rock-solid stability

  • Many original features

  • Bug-free (we hope) android experience

  • Outstanding developer support

Que no vas a encontrar?:

  • Useless tweaks, mods, and bloat

  • Over the top themeing

  • A coffee maker


Que contiene la ROM?:

  • AOSP 4.0.3 base

  • Updated to latest AOSP bug fixes

  • 4.0.4 Proprietary blobs

  • Kernel Overclocked to 1.35ghz with stock voltages

  • Tweaked deadline I/O scheduler

  • Custom busybox built for Team BAMF

  • Superuser and su binary built from source and updateable from Market (thanks ChainsDD)

  • Signed with private developer keys for increased security


  • All stock sound files

  • Sped up notification LED

  • Spare Parts enabled and added to build

  • Additional live wallpapers not included in AOSP

  • Enabled extra browser settings

  • Modified camera to have all 4.0.3 bugfixes without continual auto-focus

  • Increased rotation and animation speed and opened up 360 degree rotation

  • Accurate battery

  • Custom clock widget from ICS pre-release

  • Added long press of Recent apps to activate menu key

  • Configurable Search soft key with option to enable/disable

  • Separate ringer and notification volumes

  • T9 dialer courtesy of CyanogenMod with optional settings in dialer

  • Custom launcher with search bar removed, 4x5 grid layout, and custom app drawer button

  • End Call button in ongoing call notification

BAMF Add-ons:

  • Custom boot animation with audio (thanks to gadget! for the logo)

  • BAMF LTE Widget

  • BAMF Torch Widget

  • Configurable Lockscreen with three hotseats, selectable left target, and pull down for Torch

  • Completely configurable QuickSettings replacing normal settings in Status Bar

  • Custom unknown caller images (thanks gadget!)

  • BAMF Settings (huge thanks to Stericson for the RootTools SDK which we incorporated for root functionality)

BAMF Settings Features:

  • Performance Settings (Based on CyanogenMod CPU Settings)

  • CPU Speeds

  • Governor

  • I/O Scheduler

  • Voltages (where supported)

  • System Settings

  • Ad Blocking

  • Remounting of System Partition

  • Enable/Disable End Call in notification pull-down

  • Granular Autobrightness adjustment

  • Full management of system apps (disable/enable/uninstall)

  • Visual Settings

  • Lockscreen setup

  • Fully configurable boot animation (enable/disable, enable/disable sound, adjust audio volume)

  • Launcher Tweaks

  • Show or hide the dock divider

  • Set number of home screens (3,5, or 7)

  • Status Bar Tweaks

  • Show or Hide Clock

  • Show or Hide Alarm notification

  • Customizable carrier banner (1.1)

  • Show or hide debugging indicator

  • Select and arrange Quick Settings (17 currently available)

  • Navbar Tweaks

  • Show or hide the Search soft key

  • Customize long-press functionality of Search Key

  • Soft key reflections on/off (1.1)

  • Set Soft Key color

  • Set Soft Key glow color









Mirror 1: http://www.androidfi...gm-toro-1.1.zip

Mirror 2: http://jerseyxcore.c...gm-toro-1.1.zip [/HIDE]



Mirror 1: http://www.androidfi..._03_10_2012.zip

Mirror 2: http://jerseyxcore.c..._03_10_2012.zip

Cerrado para nuevas respuestas.