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[ROM][GB] NOTTACHTRIX 4G (v2.3.0) Updated May 12, 2013

As a long time user of this ROM, I felt the need to keep it alive. My intent is to update and add to the ROM in order to keep it current, and not remove anything created by Nottach. I have reached out to Nottach for approval on taking this ROM over permanently, but I am not getting any response. So I consider this ROM and orphan, and I intend to give it a new home. I am not the most experienced developer, as most of my work has been self taught. However, I will do my best to keep this one going as long as I have an Atrix, but no promise on fixing every issue.

I have been using this version for two months now, and have yet to find issues, so I consider it stable.

What I changed to get to v1.6.0: (vs. the NottachTrix of v1.3.1):

- Updated AROMA Theme

- Added Webtop Install & Options

- Added MOD for Beats Audio

- Added 3rd Party App Mokee Launcher

- Added 3rd Party App Mokee Wallpaper

- Added 3rd Party App Abstract Wallpaper

- Added 3rd Party App Screen Capture

- Added 3rd Party App MIUI Compass

- Added 3rd Party App MIUI Clock

- Added 3rd Party App Webtop2SD (v2.0.1)

- Added Blur BootAnimation

- Added Blue Moto Logo BootAnimation

- Fixed Busybox permissions to work with Webtop2SD

Planned Changes (ones I am committed to doing)

- Incorporate Unbuntu Webtop as a choice (approved by Lokifish!)

- Incorporate my Themes (currently having trouble with bootloops when I incorporate them)

- Upgrade AROMA installer for touch capability

- Update gapps to latest versions (lots of individual testing needed)

- Incorporate boot logo choices (not animations, the static startup splash screens)

Changes on Hold (due to need of dev permission, a limitation in my technical skill, or workload to implement)

- Incorporate uriel_zo’s themes (waiting on permission from uriel_zo)

- Incorporate Radio choices (not sure if other users want this???)

Changes that I WILL NOT perform (way to much work for the benefit)

- Upgrading the framework to 4.5.145 (this is like replacing the foundation of an existing house, basically infeasible)

Nueva update

What's NEW in v2.3.0?

- Removed OEM Motorola Webtop

- Created ROM version with NO Webtop Options

- Updated Wallpapers in Clear Theme

- Updated Host file in Ad Block MOD (thanks to Lokifish)

NottachTrix 4G v2.3.0 ROM - WITH Webtop Options (NOTE: This version of the ROM has Lokifish's Webtop+ and Ubuntop incorporated in it as Webtop choices, for more information on Ubuntop go HERE, for adding software to Ubuntop see Post#270)

NottachTrix 4G v2.3.0 ROM - NO Webtop Options

Upcoming Changes:

- Fix ICS Theme issue with buttons in Music Player

- Update HTC Sense Theme

Changes on HOLD:

- Add support. flac in music player (need to research this)

- Add keyboard support for Arabic language (need to research this)


-Added 3rd Party App Holo Launcher (v2.0.2)

-Removed 3rd Party App TTLauncher (unstable)

-Updated ICS Theme

-Restored Darkside Theme into ROM

-Fixed B&W Boot Animation

-Fixed install issue with Webtop/Kernel/Ext4 choice

-Updated 3rd Party App HTC Sense QuickSettings (v2.2)


-Added File System Menu in AROMA

-Updated ICS Theme

-Fixed Panoramic Camera (Droid and Stock)

-Added Motorola Phone Firewall

-Added Motorola SmartActions

-Added 3rd Party App MIUI File Manager (v3.1.6)

-Updated 3rd Party App HTC Sense QuickSettings (v1.9)

-Updated 3rd Party App TTLauncher (v1.0.6)

Changes in v2.0.0

- Updated Play Store (v3.10.14)

- Updated Maps (v6.12.0)

- Updated Gmail (v2.3.6)

- Fixed PlayServices UID Conflict

- Added Google Apps Menu to AROMA installer

- Added 3rd Party App MIUI MiHome (v2.0.0)

- Added 3rd Party App HTC Sense 5 Quick Settings (v1.0)

- Added Nottachtrix Phoenix Boot Animation

Changes in v1.9.0

- Added Theme - Transparent (works best with MokeeLauncher or TTLauncher)

- Added Theme - Froyo (make sure to install EDT to get clock color right)

- Added BootLogo Menu & Choices

- Added 3rd Party App MIUI Recorder

- Added 3rd Party App TTLauncher (v1.0.3)

V. 1.8


- Una actualización en el Aroma

- El kernel de mrom, ya funciona wifi.


NottachTrix4G v1.6.0

To install:

1.) boot to recovery

2.) wipe data / factory reset

3.) wipe dalvik cache

4.) install from zip

5.) reboot


Usuario activo
Hola sera que alguien me puede ayudar con lo siguiente: yo le monte la versión 2.3 y todo bien a excepción de que no tengo un icono de ajustes del tlf osea no tengo forma de configurarlo en general alguien podría decirme que sucede? Ya he reinstalado full wipes y nada la rom arranca muy bien y el webtop perfecto pero no tengo menú de configuraciones que puedo hacer? De antemano gracias a quien me ayude!