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[ROOT] Motoshare 2: Old Bug, New Exploit


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As promised, this post describes how to root the Droid Bionic Jelly Bean build. It should also work on the XT910 Jelly Bean build, but this hasn't been tested yet. Fortunately for Bionic and XT910 owners, I was able to modify Motoshare, which was originally created for the Atrix HD, to work for these devices. My plans to stop looking for new Motorola exploits have not changed at this time, so don't read into this too much.

The exploit requires setting up a special Samba share and mounting this share on your phone using the Files app. I apologize that this process may seem involved for some of you, and request that members of this community help each other out if some of you are having problems completing the procedure. I'm not able to provide individual tech support to every user who wants to root this phone.

A Windows version of this exploit is not possible for technical reasons. Please don't waste anyone's time by asking about a Windows version.

The following instructions require a working Linux installation. The following instructions are for Ubuntu. If you don't want to install Ubuntu permanently on your machine, I suggest using a LiveCD installation. Instructions on setting this up are described here:


Once you're booted into Ubuntu, open a terminal. Create a new directory for your Samba share:

mkdir /tmp/share
Next, install the samba package:

sudo apt-get install samba
Edit the configuration file for samba:

sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.confAdd the following lines to the end of the configuration file and save your changes:

[share]path = /tmp/share

available = yes

valid users = guest

read only = yes

browsable = yes

public = yes

Close the text editor once you've saved your changes.

Next, create a user for the Samba share by typing in the terminal:

sudo useradd guest -m -G users
Set a password for the new user. Remember this password:

sudo passwd guest
Provide a password here and press enter. You won't see the characters you're typing, so be careful.

Next, set a password on the share. Use the same password you just provided:

sudo smbpasswd -a guest
Type the password you created before and press enter.

Next, restart the Samba server:

sudo restart smbdFinally, download and prepare the required files to the Samba share:

cd /tmp/sharewget http://vulnfactory.org/public/motoshare2.tgz

tar xvf motoshare2.tgz

sudo chmod 755 run.sh

At this point, you'll need to know the IP address of your Linux host, which you can get by running "ifconfig" from your terminal (it should be of the form "192.168.x.x").

Next, move over to your Android device. Ensure you have enabled USB Debugging Mode (under Settings -> Development Settings). Ensure your device is connected via Wifi.

Open the "Files" app, and select "Remote storage". Click "Add storage", and fill in fields as follows:

Host IP address: [your Linux machine's IP address]Domain name:            WORKGROUP

Shared folder name:     share

User:                 guest

Password:             [the password you created above]

At this point, the phone will mount your Linux share. To complete the process, plug in your phone via USB to your Linux machine, and type the following in your Linux terminal:

cd /tmp/share/sudo ./run.sh

Follow the instructions in the exploit. Congratulations, enjoy your rooted device.

I can't stress this enough: I can't provide individualized tech support for everyone on this forum. Please help each other.



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Fuente: http://www.droidrzr.com/index.php/topic/16518-root-motoshare-2-old-bug-new-exploit/